Authorities urge ticket buyers to go back home. Its over they say

A Florida woman has won the worlds largest Powerball Jackpot! $900+ Million Dollars as of January 9th 2016

A 78 year old retired Jewish house wife from Boca Raton Florida has won the worlds largest PowerBall Lotto worth more than 900 Million Dollars $900,000,000.00 after she “Cut In Line” in front of a young couple.

A young couple was in line at a local Publix grocery store in Zephyrhills, FL and saw Audrey Rosenberg with only one product “A loaf of Rye and Marble Bread” and decided to let her go ahead of them in line. Well, Mrs. Rosenberg decided to buy a lotto ticket which the young couple ALSO planned on purchasing.

This ticket just so happened to be the winning Powerball ticket that everyone has been praying for. Mrs. Rosenberg says she will NOT share ANY of the Powerballs payout of $793 Million dollars to the young couple siting “They will have their chance one day.”

Authorities are urging people who are rushing to state lines to “Go Back Home!” The Sheriff is urging people to turn around and drive back over the state line to where they traveled from stating “ It’s Over With! We Ain’t Got No More Lotto Tickets! GO HOME !!!”

Authorities URGE people to GO BACK HOME because they are out of tickets

Authorities URGE people to GO BACK HOME because they are out of tickets

Traffic has been a nightmare locals say and are relieved that once again someone who has NO use for the winnings has managed to outlive math and be gifted with more money than they deserve. Now everyone can go back home! Shouts a local with a sign that reads #NOMOLOTTO

Life will resume for these small towns on the state line where people flock in hopes of being lucky and rich but the wake of traffic and disruption will forever remind them of the little old lady who cut in line.

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Crandell said family and friends began teasing her that the lady she allowed to cut in line was going to win the mega powerball jackpot. But Crandell thought there was no way the lady was going to be the winner.

“The joke was, that’s the lady that’s going to win it. I was like, ‘Yeah right. No one is going to win from little Zephyrhills,'” Crandell said.

Later that night, Mackenzie matched all five numbers including the Powerball while Crandell was at home still being teased by family members that the lady in the line was probably the winner. It is a joke that she will endure for the rest of her life.

Crandell’s 10-year-old daughter, Mallory, immediately recognized her from Publix on TV.

“My daughter was like, ‘Mom, look at the lady,'” Crandell said. “Same day, same store. What’s the chances of that happening?”

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