BBM True Success. We teach a canine how to defy gravity.


As a direct result of the efforts of Black Belts Matter and their sponsors, we have been able to overcome obstacles that NO OTHER Organization has EVER been able to achieve.

Over the years, we have been collectively researching and developing the technology to provide the world with clean, affordable and reliable solutions for the need of gravity repellants.

Today we are PROUD to announce a BREAKTHROUGH in these efforts. As of the date of this post, we have been able to train a Canine into “self managing” a gravitational resistance device allowing them to harness the power of clothing and gravity all on their own. We are certain that this new technology will provide us with a clear and understanding path unto which we can follow leading us to the solution of Global Beltlessness.

Surely if we can train these Canine animals into helping themselves, the future of human mammals is right around the corner. Don’t forget “A Little Goes A Long Way” when it comes to donating to “Black Belts Matter”.





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