Another Success Story

We want to share the  latest Black Belts Matter “Success Story” with our sponsors and the world. Thanks to just a few of you great sponsors our organization was able to travel to Nairobi this summer and make a difference in several deserving and grateful children. As you see here in the pic, we didn’t just provide these under privileged youths with a belt, we provided them with a life long knowledge in physics.

Before our arrival these poor children could barely walk due to the bottom portion of their clothing getting entangled around their ankles. While most certainly from malnutrition and the inability to maintain a waste line, we were able to provide 9 out of 10 of these children with a solution and in a matter of minutes, they were able to walk about freely and briskly, sprint and even run in some cases.

Due to a tight budget we were not able to provide a permanent belt for Nutendai on the “far right” but we did manage to get him up and running with a piece of string. We made him a promise to mail him a custom “full time” belt complete with a buckle. He said “I am more than grateful for ANYTHING someone kind enough to give has to offer me”. What a sweet child. It’s children like Nutendai that make us realize we need the support of our sponsors NOW more than ever.

Please folks, take a minute out of your busy lives an help us make a difference. Any contribution helps and 100% of your contributions go to the cause. Together we can change the world “One Belt At A Time”.




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