Youths Compare Poverty Levels

This just breaks my heart. On a recent missionary excursion the Black Belts Matter organization witnessed a group of poor under privileged youths so desperate for survival, they were literally comparing poverty levels in public to display dominance. It is a ritual to display such behavior and the determination of dominance is based on the distance of travel due to gravity. The lessor gravity has effected them the more dominant they are.

It is the mission of Black Belts Matter to make sure ALL children have an equal opportunity at gravity. Gravity is a god given right and NO CHILD should do without. With equal gravity opportunities, these children can finally join the rest of the world and contribute to society.

Most people in todays day and age take for granite little things we consider to basic elements in life like food and clothing. Very few of us are aware of the epidemic of indecent exposure that is sweeping the world. This disease is causing a large population of our youth to be rejected from society and left with no choice but to lead a life of unemployment, poverty, starvation, crime, male prostitution and even the murders and executions of other under privileged youths.

We must put a STOP to these tragedies at ONCE! We must NOT turn or backs on our youth and simply leave them out in the wild to fend for themselves. Join Black Belts Matter today and help us protect these poor innocent children from the evil allures of gravity once and for all.




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