Donald Trump Comes To Pensacola Florida And Residents couldn't be happier!. Pensacola Loves Donald Trump!

People in Pensacola take their history very seriously

Presidential candidate Donald J. Trump is visiting Pensacola Florida at the Bay Center for a rally on January 13th 2016 at 7pm to speak on behalf of his presidential campaign. Residents are excited and the atmosphere of enthusiasm can be felt everywhere you go. Residents of Pensacola plan on supporting the rally whether they are Pro Trump or Anti Trump.


Pensacola Beach and Santa Rosa Island are known throughout the world for their history as Casino Beach. Once incorporating a ferry to take patrons to the island to gamble, drink and have fun long before a bridge was ever constructed. Several wars were also fought here dating back to the Civil War and the infamous Geronimo at Ft. Pickens on the islands extreme point.

Casino Beach in Pensacola Florida is part of our history

Casino Beach in Pensacola Florida is part of our history

People here take their history very seriously and look forward to having a direct line of communication to someone who cares in Atlantic City NJ. The country couldn’t ask for a better CEO to provide an unbiased handle on the simple tasks of making decisions that benefit our country and NOT a politicans pocket. Pensacola and its residents will greatly benefit from having Trump on their side.

Donald J. Trump has absolutely NOTHING to gain from being President other than to make a difference. He has MONEY. He has POWER. He has a beautiful family and everything else that comes with being a strong closer who is experienced in making decisions and dealing with the consequences of those decisions. Nobody likes being part of a losing team.

Remember when you could go shopping downtown on South St. and not get SHOT?
Remember when you could go to the boardwalk in Wildwood and not get STABBED?

While this may sound like foreign language to some, it is an obvious reality for others. Rest assured the state of Florida and it’s residents will support Donald Trump as our countries next “closer” just like we support the freedom to preserve our God Given Rights, Constitutional Amendments, and Heritage.

KEEP your Downtown and Main St,
KEEP your Boardwalk and Beaches
You DO NOT OWE Anyone Anything!!!

Donald Trump Supports Pensacola Florida and #BlackBeltsMatter

Donald Trump Supports Pensacola Florida and #BlackBeltsMatter

PRO Trump supporters say “He may be a politically incorrect baffoon who is absolutely horrible at speaking live, but he’s OUR CLOSER and FACEMAN!

ANTI Trump voters say “We want to hear what he has to say regardless of whether it’s what we want to hear or what we were trained to expect.

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