David J. Maloney DUI Charges Dropped for "insufficient evidence" just weeks after arrest

6/1/2016 UPDATE: Update on David J. Maloney DUI Case

David J. Maloney has charges of DUI dismissed. The popular DUI Attorney has had his OWN DUI charges dropped due to what the Florida State Investigators and State Attorney Adrienne Emerson claim is insufficient evidence to move forward with a prosecution. Her exact quote from court documents are as stated below.

Emerson – While the defendant was speeding, had an odor of alcohol and had bloodshot and watery eyes, these factors alone do not reach the level necessary to prove the charge beyond a reasonable doubt. Therefore, the State is dismissing the charge.” — Adrienne Emerson, Assistant State Attorney, First Judicial Court of Florida (06-01-16)

Witnesses told Florida State Investigators they saw Maloney at the Ice Flyers celebration declining a drink because he was driving. They say Maloney was instead purchasing a drink for his wife.

We at BBM would like to know why he refused a field sobriety test or a breathalizer test at the time of the incident if he had nothing to hide. We reached out to David J. Maloney again after this update to see what he had to say about his charges being dropped. He replied as follows;

Maloney – I knew the charges would be dropped. I’m not an idiot you know! I deal with this stuff every day! I feel like I was targeted just because I drive an high dollar sports car and people see me on tv. I am happy with the decision of the Florida State Attorney and it is good to see the truth and our judicial system prevail.

I guess his donation check cleared pretty quickly.

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A popular personal injury and DUI attorney in Mobile Alabama was arrested in Pensacola Florida for DUI “driving under the influence”. Maloney is well known in both areas by his brash and relentless TV commercials and advertising. His slogan is “If you are arrested for a DUI, DON’T call ME. In fact, I will most likely be the lawyer going AFTER you.”

Maloney was pulled over in his Lamborghini for speeding in a 35 mph zone on Saturday night 5/7/2016 in a small beach community in Pensacola. It was stated that once the officer suspected Maloney of driving under the influence and asked him to submit to a field sobriety test that Maloney said “Can we just work something out?” While unclear whether the nature of this proposition was sexual or monetary, it doesn’t change the fact that bribery is illegal and especially considering it was directed towards an officer of the law.

Alabama Attorney David J. Maloney DUI Mug Shot

Alabama Attorney David J. Maloney DUI Mug Shot

Following all of the expected media attention regarding the DUI lawyers DUI arrest, David J. Maloney gave an interview to local reporters in hopes of saving his career. Below are a few of the excerpts from the interview and we hope to provide you with the full video soon as well as the police dash cam video footage of attorney David J. Maloneys’ DUI arrest.

I would first like to state that I will NOT represent myself! PERIOD! in fact, I might be the lawyer going after me!
Secondly, I deeply apologize to all of my faithful clients, the judges of the Mobile County Courthouse and judicial system, and the victims of my lawsuits that have made me so financially successful. I was 100% AT FAULT at the time of my DUI arrest and plan on entering a plea of No Contest to the judge in Escambia County Courthouse at the time of my court date. I will NOT choose a trial by a jury of my peers, nor represent myself but rather pay a local public defender appointed by the court and put my WHOLE existence in the judges hands as I know first hand that the old saying amongst the good ole boys rings true. “If you choose a jury trial and lose, the judge will give you the maximum sentence for wasting his time and tax payer dollars and your best bet is to just go with what the State Attorney recommends. Besides, I know they all have lunch together just like we do in Mobile County.

Attorney David J. Maloney's Attorney House In Navarre, Florida.

Attorney David J. Maloneys’ Attorney House In Navarre, Florida.

When asked what his recommended sentence should be, Maloney replied;
I don’t feel that I should be made an example out of just because of my career choice. I don’t believe the minimum sentence would be fair either because I can pay the fine and process the necessary paper work for my drivers license, DUI classes and any possible probation in just a single day. I am considering a substantial monetary donation to a local organization in Escambia county as well as Mobile county. This misfortune has made me realize that I technically do NOT contribute ANYTHING to my local economy OR peers. In fact, I live in Santa Rosa county in a small beach town in Florida and travel 3 hours one way to work every day because there’s more crime and money in Mobile Alabama where I practice law. This is why I bought a Lamborghini so I could cut that time by 2/3rds by speeding on I-10 every day. Not to mention the insurance companies I sue are located elsewhere and essentially raise EVERYONE’S rates with every single lawsuit and payout. In fact, I only HURT my local peers and economy by causing them misery and sucking money out of the county only to spend it elsewhere.

Maloneys’ response to bribery accusations;
No Comment.

The arresting officers brief statement regarding David J. Maloney interview;
I am confident the hard drive box from my cruiser that will be in hand on Maloney’s court date will clarify the situation as it records 24 hours a day for OUR safety and for evidence and I would never turn it off even if there was an option to.


You can see a full list of David J. Maloneys’ traffic infractions for JUST the town of Pensacola HERE


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