El Chapo Sends Troops To Syria to Fight ISIS and Join Russia and Putin.


In an unprecedented military move that will surely leave a footprint in history, the worlds most powerful drug cartel leader “El Chapo Guzman” who recently escaped from prison, wasted no time reclaiming his throne on top of the underworld. As a fixture of Mexico’s culture El Chapo is revered as a leader and hero by the citizens of Mexico. The Sinaloa Cartel is by far the worlds largest and most powerful drug cartel and their undisputed drug lord is  Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzman

El Chapo Sends Soldiers To Syria. My men will destroy you.

El Chapo Sends Soldiers To Syria. My men will destroy you.

Despite the worlds best efforts to locate or recapture El Chapo, he remains free to conduct his day to day business boldly in the publics eye. A few days ago El Chapo released a statement claiming to “Kill The Head Of ISIS” for attempting to be a competitor in the illegal drug manufacturing and trafficking industry. “My Men Will Destroy You” El Chapo said with great conviction. He also commented towards the recent influx of ISIS Syrians and refugees that have started funneling up through the Mexican border. He stated “My men have been raping and burning alive your so called warriors as they trespass our territory”.


Exactly what happened next or what the response was from ISIS is unclear. However, it must be of significance because associated press has just been notified of a shocking turn of events. El Chapo and the Sinaloa Cartel have teamed up with Russian leader Vladimir Putin to collaborate with Russian military leaders. El Chapo is sending 10,000 of his cartel soldiers along with some of his top cartel advisors to help aid Russia in the war against ISIS.


El Chapo With Troop Leader

El Chapo With Troop Leader.

El Chapo stated in this interview “I must protect my empire and the people of Mexico at all costs. I have the money, power AND the balls”. He continued to add “Once I kill their leader, I will make drug mules out of their prepubescent wives and replace their suicide vests with kilos”.






El Chapo rallies his troops before heading to Syria

El Chapo rallies his troops before heading to Syria

When we asked Russian President Putin about his collaboration with El Chapo, he stated “I think it’s very admirable and I am not surprised OTHER countries from that region are not more willing to be involved”. Black Belts Matter is very curious to see how this political military move will play out. We will keep readers up to date with any changes and updates.








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