Rachel Dolezal Race Group Leader

On a missionary excursion, Black Belts Matter recently caught up with “Black Activist” and Race Group Leader “Radical” Rachel Dolezal. Rachel Dolezal is the poor under privileged youth who joined ISIS when she mistakenly “Identified” herself as a “Muslim Black Male” living in a primitive galaxy far away where there are black mechanics, construction workers and inventors. She, as well as millions of other innocent Muslim children was a victim of mistaken child porn slave identity where the victim sympathizes with the perpetrator.

After her cryogenic reintroduction, “Radical” Rachel Dolezal noted “My sufferings in life we’re just a drop in the bucket compared to the traufs of death”. Lol, traufs! She continued ” I will IDENTIFY myself with WHOEVER  or WHATEVER I WANT to be. I WILL NOT accept who I am or what LIFE and GOD has made of me, but I shall make my OWN name and faith”. Briefly after this interview and manifesto testimonial, “Radical” Rachel Dolezal realized that suicide is painless and that it brings on many changes. She has since retracted her statement and denounced herself from the Qur’an and the Radical State Of Islam.

It is hard to believe living in the 21st. Century that such a person existed just a few thousand years ago. It makes you wonder just what life has in store for us next. Can you even imagine if humans decided to exclude History from our educational structure? What if we didn’t cryogenically freeze these people and had NO Idea what they we’re up to in the past. We might not be having this conversation today.

On a different note:

I hate to be a typical “male” and point out that after Rachel Dolezal turned back white during the “Russian Mayo Gas Attacks” of 2017 she got REALLY HOT. But then you remember what kind of war zone she has been through Lol. I once “Identified” myself as a UFO with invisible ray shields and it cost me $150 tow fee and $1,300 in car repairs.


Rachel Dolezal Hot after Russian Mayo Gas Attack.

Rachel Dolezal Hot after Russian Mayo Gas Attack.









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