Iraqi citizen wins 6.4 million lotto in Oregon

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BEND, Ore. — The winner of Oregon’s multi-million dollar lottery jackpot doesn’t even live in the state — in fact, he doesn’t even live in the country.

The winning ticket was sold at Binky’s in Bend, Ore., back in August, according to KTVZ. Since then everyone has been waiting to hear who cracked the jackpot — and the answer took everyone by surprise.

As it turns out, the person who bought the winning ticket didn’t keep it. Instead, an Iraqi national received the ticket and won the $6.4 million lottery.

“This is absolutely unprecedented for the Oregon Lottery,” said Chuck Baumann, the senior public affairs officer for the Oregon Lottery.

Lottery officials said the Iraqi citizen, whose identity was not revealed, bought the ticket from the website  The website then sent a person into the store to buy the ticket for him.

“We just took a good deal of time, consulting with the U.S. attorney general, the Oregon Attorney General and trying to make sure that everything was indeed legal,” Baumann said.

Judy Bell-Putis, the owner of Binky’s, said she was hoping she had purchased the winning ticket, but selling it was the next best thing. Her store got a one percent bonus worth a whopping $64,000.

“We’re glad to have it. This is a real small business we run here,” Bell-Putis said.

Lottery officials said this is the first time this has happened in its 30-year history.


Our organization has reached out to the lucky Iraqi Citizen who won the Bend Oregon 6.4M Lotto Jackpot and they were eager to be interviewed. We first asked them why they decided on Bend Oregon and they replied

” I just randomly picked a spot on the US map that looked like an easy target”. “I did not want to pick a city with high population count as I knew this would decrease my odds of winning.”

The Iraqi National has lived a simple life as a farmer and herder for over 45 years. His decision to go to such lengths to purchase a US lotto ticket came to him when he watched his first American TV show last year.

He stated “I have never seen such wealth and prosperity even in my wildest dreams”. Curiously, we asked him what TV show he watched and he replied “Good Times” and added that if an average family in the US can have such luxuries like permanent housing and plenty of food, then maybe Allah will bless me too”.

We were very curious as to what his plans for the Lotto Winnings would be. We imagined that being from such an oppressed part of the region, he would now finally have the opportunity to change his whole life around for the better just like the refugees and other Muslim migrants who come to America to escape the tyranny of their religion and culture by accepting our western ways that have made us such a successful country. We were VERY surprised at what he told us.

He stated “I am a very simple man and do not desire much material items. I plan to take care of my family as my wife needs braces and new school clothes. My farm could use a few more goats and that’s pretty much it for me. The rest I want to give to my Sunni brothers in arms that have protected us from the oppressive Iraqi Government. Without ISIS and the rebel army, we would surely be forced into conformity. These sands are my home and it is all I have ever known. I must live by the sword and eventually return my flesh and soul to the sands of Allahs’ land”.


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