Louis Farrakhan Endorses Donald Trump and agrees with ALL of his policies

Back in March at what is called “Saviour’s Day Sermon” at the “Nation of Islam Mosque” in Chicago during yet another typical riot inciting hate speech given by the world renowned State of Islam leader and radical hate group evangelist Louis Farrakhan PRAISED President Donald J. Trump for his leadership skills and ability to stand up to the man. Louis Farrakhan stated that

“Trump is the only member who has stood in front of the Jewish community and said I don’t want your money. Any time a man can say to those who control the politics of America, ‘I don’t want your money,’ that means you can’t control me. And they cannot afford to give up control of the presidents of the United States.”

Farrakhan also stated his disgust for Democratic front runner Hillary Clinton and posted a link on Twitter saying;

“Here’s why I said Hillary Clinton is a wicked woman [VIDEO] http://dld.bz/erCB6 #DivineInstructions #Farrakhan pic.twitter.com/q5MQn8UntN “

In a brand new public statement to press, Louis Farrakhan has shocked the nation by ENDORSING Republican Donald J. Trump as the next U.S. President AND DENOUNCING Islam. He stated he will also step down as the Leader of the Nation of Islam effective immediately and apologizes for being so naive all these years.

“I would like to announce I will be resigning as the State of Islam Leader effective immediately. My deepest apologies to all the innocent people who I have so carelessly influenced all these years. I know there’s no way to ever be forgiven or to make it up to the world. I would also like to announce that in my years of being an evangelical politician Islamic, I have learned and seen quite a bit about the other front runners and not only ENDORSE Donald J. Trump for President, but strongly urge my faithful followers to also recognize the errors of my former ways and follow me once again.”


Louis Farrakhan goes Insane and ENDORSES Donald Trump

Louis Farrakhan goes Insane and ENDORSES Donald Trump

You can watch the video interview of Louis Farrakhan ENDORSING Donald J. Trump for President of the United States HERE. He also speaks of agreeing with Trumps Immigration policy and also supports his refusal to accept Muslim Refugees.


WATCH VIDEO: Louis Farrakhan ENDORSES Donald J. Trump For President Below


As can be expected, African Americans all across the nation are feeling deep sorrow and severe confusion. Most are talking about how it is starting to seem like all of our leaders are turning out to be phonies who are only playing on our emotions for profit; referring back to 2 TWO former #BLM Black Lives Matter leaders who turned out to be white. Most people are unaware that Louis Farrakhan himself is part European.

Most people know Louis Farrakhan as the prejudice Hate Group Leader and Evangelical Riot Inciter Preacher for Islam by his hate speeches which urges a revolution of 10,000 warriors for his army to hunt down white people and for his famous slogan “Kill Whitey”.


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