#BlackLivesMatter protests Santa and Christmas at Minnesota Mall Of America. Incites violent riots.

Not even Santa Claus is safe from radical race group extremists. Our hearts and prayers are with Bloomington Minnesota and Minneapolis today after their tragedy at the Mall Of America and the International Airport. Yet another sad and senseless loss due to lack of gun and climate control. We really need to stop the stereotyping of historical culture.

On the busiest shopping day of the year at one of the largest malls in the world infamously known as Mall of America in Bloomington Minnesota a scene of revolt erupted. The #BlackLivesMatter group held protests against Christmas and shopping. The protesters were blocking shoppers from entering any stores that sold anything related to Christmas or belts. Several of the extremists were snatching bags from shoppers and running away into the confusion. Protesters with signs stating “Santa Is Racist” and “I’m Dreaming Of A Black Christmas” were a common scene. What started out as a proclaimed “Peaceful Protest” was soon to be an obvious full blown premeditated riot.

The mall riot managed to shut down 80 of its stores due to the chaos and violence. It took law enforcement and emergency personnel several hours to get the violence and chaos under control. Once the mall was evacuated and the immediate victims were rescued, law enforcement agencies were able to move in on the radicals and disperse the riot mob making several arrests and issuing warrants for those suspects who could be identified on mall security cameras.

Police are looking for several suspects and persons of interest in this fiasco including a woman who can be seen assaulting the Mall of America Santa and a photographer. The woman used the mall Santa’s oversized belt that is part of his Santa suit. “The belt has a real metal buckle for authenticity so it hurt pretty bad!” said the mall Santa. Both the mall Santa and photographer are said to be ok with only minor injuries and stated that they will be here tomorrow for the “Big Day” and the show must go on.

#BlackLivesMatter radical extremists riot at Mall Of America In Bloomington

#BlackLivesMatter radical extremists riot at Mall Of America In Bloomington Minnesota

As law enforcement were struggling to contain the crime scene and restore peace at the mall, the excited radical activists rushed the mob over to the Minneapolis-St.Paul International Airport. They managed to block terminals, delay flights and vandalize numerous passengers luggage. There have been no reports of any injuries at the Airport incident and the scene quickly became dispersed with more arrests. We assume the Airport security is on high alert due to the time of year and current affairs with domestic terror attacks and that this was a very important factor in the reaction time of airport security officers and local law enforcement.

The #BlackLivesMatter radical race group extremists had previously announced and advertised publicly of their premeditated plans to incite terror and strike fear in the hearts of American citizens during Christmas by trespassing and targeting shoppers at the Mall Of America. ABC News informed us in an earlier report stated below;

Earlier, the Mall of America unsuccessfully sought a court order to stop the protest. Three organizers were banned from attending, but the judge said she doesn’t have the power to prevent others from showing up.

“We are a leader-full organization,” Kandace Montgomery, one of the organizers barred by the judge’s order, told the Associated Press. “Just barring three of us does not mean that you’ve stopped our work.”

#BlackLivesMatter move violent Anti Santa Riot to Minneapolis Airport

#BlackLivesMatter move violent Anti Santa Riot to Minneapolis Airport

Representatives of Mall Of America made this official statement after the tragedy;

“Mall of America has a longstanding policy banning political demonstrations and protests on our private property,” the mall said. “That policy is in place to protect the safety of all Mall of America guests, employees and tenants. The organizers of today’s protest were well aware of that policy. We respect the rights of free speech and peaceful assembly. However, the courts have affirmed our right as private property owners to prohibit demonstrations on our property.”

As well, several of the stores in the mall and collectively tried to thwart the riot in an attempt to protect the citizens and its customers by contacting the race hate group and offering to provide them with a large donation of belts of all sorts and sizes. The store collective reached out to #BlackBeltsMatter the original organization and asked for our help. As many know the recent disrupts and political stunts of #blacklivesmatter are the result of a satire splinter group made up of a handful of people attempting to pollute the genuine and original cause of the Black Belts Matter Organization. Despite the radical extremists frustrations of our attempt to work with them, we will not let the actions of a few take us off the path of success.

#BlackBeltsMatter Because no child should go without

Watch the video below of the #BlackLivesMatter Anti Santa Riot at the Mall Of America in Bloomington Minnesota


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