Melissa Harris-Perry says Star Wars Is Racist. Files lawsuit for trauma.

The MSNBC anchor Melissa Harris-Perry recently made comments on her weekend MSNBC show about race saying she was traumatized as a child by the movie “Star Wars” because the bad guy was black. She said “I don’t understand why he turned white after he left the “Dark Side” and joined the “Force. How come he was chopping white peoples hands off when he was black?”

Some people might know Melissa Harris-Perry from her culture changing efforts as the founding director of the Anna Julia Cooper Project on Gender, Race, and Politics in the South at Wake Forest University. Though most of us will not.

Black Belts Matter was very saddened to learn about Melissa Harris-Perry’s tragic childhood trauma and wanted to intervene to see if we could help out in any way with free counseling or to seek reparations from the Star Wars producers for her loss. We are currently forming a class action lawsuit on behalf of millions of young under privileged youths who have been traumatized by the bigotry, hatred ad racism of the “Star Wars” Trilogy and its’ producers per Melissa Harris-Perry’s request.

After Melissa Harris-Perry spent a few sessions with our counseling staff, she has seemed to be making significant progress. She no longer sees ALL of the other characters in Star Wars that were from “Different Galaxies” as being different from her. She now realizes that the diversity of a movie from the 1970’s that features beings from not just OUR planet, but from planets and galaxies throughout the universe plays a significant role in our social evolution.

One of the biggest differences we noticed in the emotional and psychological rehabilitation of Melissa Harris-Perry came when our counselors implemented a visual exercise using image flash cards. One specific image seemed to really make an impact. The image is of Darth Vader and his Storm Troopers. Once Melissa Harris-Perry realized that the black villain she feared her whole life was actually the leader of an All White army, her sense of anxiety and endangerment seemed to vanish. She stated “It reminds me of President Barack Obama except our troops are comprised of people from EVERY race, gender, origin, age group and denomination.”

Melissa Harris-Perry has since become a huge Star Wars fan and has watched every episode. She is also anxious to see the new one coming out this Christmas despite the class action lawsuit for reparations Melissa Harris-Perry has filed against the producers of the Star Wars Trilogy that changed the world with its futuristic movie of diversity that was way ahead of its time. She has since realized how silly she looks in the video below and noted how blessed she is to be part of a country that would give someone as dumb as herself an opportunity or ability to receive a paycheck to simply  babble their misconstrued and meaningless opinions on television as NO OTHER country on our planet would ever do so.




Do you feel that Star Wars was racist and should pay millions in reparations to traumatized youths?

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