MIZZOU hunger strike student gains massive weight after 8 days with no food.

For those readers who might not know who Jonathan L. Butler is, here is a brief description of his life accomplishments.

On November 2nd 2015 Jonathan L. Butler who has been a long term student of 7 years at University Of Missouri or better known as “MIZZOU” by students, declared he will be staging a hunger strike until the over privileged white president and chancellor “Tim Wolfe” who runs the entire university resigns.
Jonathan L. Butler is claiming that his under privileged life has played a significant role in his academic failures and somebody should be held responsible. The University of Missouri is a Journalist based college and Jonathan L. Butler has been struggling with inequality and prejudice for 7 years in an attempt to graduate. You can clearly read his frustrations in the typos and partial illiteracy of his hunger strike blog manifesto as quoted at the bottom of this article.

Jonathan Butlers hunger strike goes wrong with horrible consequences. Gains massive weight.

Jonathan Butlers hunger strike goes wrong with horrible consequences. Gains massive weight.

Jonathan L. Butler’s under privileged life began when he was just a child. As a poor and hungry child growing up in Omaha Nebraska, the only work his father Eric L. Butler could find was with the Union Pacific Railroad Corporation. Jonathan says he remembers his father coming home every day after a long 16 hour shift covered in railroad tar and coal ash. He also stated “On the first Sunday of every month, the only day my father had off of work, we would all go to the grocery store as a family. We were allowed to pick out “One” thing each. I always picked alphabet soup as I have always loved grammar.” We are certain this is where his compulsion to not masticate comes in to play.

When asked what he hoped to gain from not eating Jonathan L. Butler said “I just want to prove to my teachers that my journalist skills are worth taking note of despite my continued failure of the points system created by over privileged whites. I will pass even if I have to resort to desperate measures and beg for their attention.”

After some research, we have learned the truths of Jonathan L. Butler’s struggles. His family was in fact VERY under privileged and despite his fathers life long commitment to the railways and hopes of moving up the corporate ladder, his father only earned 8.4 million dollars in 2014. This is barely enough to feed and shelter a youth or provide them with equal opportunities for education or employment.

Black Lives Matter was very interested in Jonathan L. Butler’s cause from the very beginning. Our thoughts and prayers have always been there and we would like to believe that God answered our prayers with his will and power. Jonathan L. Butler went 8 FULL days without ANY food. As we all know the human body can only go 5 days without food in a best case scenario, leaving his survival nothing short of a sheer miracle.

We wanted to keep up with Jonathan L. Butler throughout his life struggles to see if his hunger strike has helped the University, his GPA or opportunities. We are deeply saddened to inform our readers that Jonathan has had a traumatic turn of events. It seems his hunger strike has had a significant negative effect on his metabolism and internal organs. Medical experts explained to us that when the body is starved for long periods of time, it over compensates once it finally gets nutrients. It store as much as possible in an attempt to prepare for the next starvation duration. This has caused Jonathan L. Butler to gain extreme amounts of weight. His weight gain has been so dramatic he now suffers from heart disease and cardiovascular malfunctions. Yet another set back to his attempt to graduate from the University. It is a shame to see an under privileged youth suffer such a set back considering how hard he has struggled to achieve his life long goals. If he doesn’t fully recover from his hunger strike anguish, he might be forced to quit school and join his father working on the railroad all the live long day.

Jonathan Butler hunger strike student drops out of college.

Jonathan Butler hunger strike student drops out of college.

You can read Jonathan L. Butlers cry for help Manifesto below quoted from Genuis.com;

You may or may not know me, but my names is Jonathan Butler and I am currently a graduate student here at the University of Missouri. As a concern student and a economically, socially, and emotionally committed individual within the University of Missouri “family” I believe it is my duty to make you aware of the actions of one of your employees, Tim Wolfe.

Since Mr. Wolfe joined the UM system as president in 2012, there have been a slew of a racist, sexist, homophobic, etc., incidents that have dynamically disrupted the learning experience for marginalized/underrepresented students at the University of Missouri. In the past 90 days alone we have seen that in as a president Payton Head being call the n-word on campus, graduate students being robbed of their health insurance, Planned Parenthood services being stripped from campus, #ConcernedStudent1950 peaceful demonstrators being threatened with pepper spray, and a matter of days ago a vile and disgusting act of hatred where a MUstudent drew a swastika in the Gateway residential hall with their own feces.

Although these incidents individually are not his fault as a collection of incidents at the University they are his responsibility to address. According to his job description on the UM system website the president it is to, “create a positive learning environment that enable students to achieve their full academic potential.” In situations like the #ConcernedStudent1950 demonstrations, the incident with him as a president Payton., Loss of graduate insurance, and the list goes on, students are not able to achieve their full academic potential because of the inequalities and obstacles they face.



Should the University Of Missouri give Jonathan Butler a degree for his accomplishments despite failing?


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