Breaking News! Chicago Protests December 2015

Breaking News !!!

Associated Press is reporting that there are MASS amounts of people protesting against President Barack Obama in Chicago Illinois causing the ENTIRE city to shut down. The level of danger and beltlessness is at a record high. They are sending in the National Guard and local Swat Teams are already on the scene.

A reporter for Black Belts Matter has had a chance to talk to one of the protesters and they had this to say; “President Obama has let us down!” We REFUSE to let these Muslim Terrorist Refugees in without belts. We have no way of monitoring whether or not they are going to comply with American culture and abide by our laws by wearing belts. They also stated that “If THEY have to wear clothes and belts, than so should the Muslim Terrorist Refugees”.

Personally as a #BLACKBELTSMATTER activist and Organization leader, I couldn’t agree more. I truly feel there should be a set of standards for ALL citizens who wish to be part of our society. Food, Shelter and Clothing should be those factors. I feel So thankful every day that we live in a country that is willing to provide us with these basic essentials including belts. Even if you are misfortunate enough to be an under privileged youth or vagrant adult, the US will provide. Could you imagine if the United States were like other countries that do NOT offer this?

We sure hope the riots and protests in Chicago Illinois will end soon. After all, it is Christmas and everyone deserves to be happy. Black Belts Matter is excited to start our Secret Santa Belt mission and look forward to posting complete details soon.




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