The Mission Of Black Belts Matter

The mission of Black Belts Matter is to create dialogue for under privileged youths and provide them with the basic essentials and tools needed to survive in modern society. Every year millions of under privileged youths suffer from failing in life because they lack the basic essentials you and I take for granite like free food, shelter, education and basic clothing. Though many of us have these things in America, there are still some third world countries who do not. Together, we can end the cruelty of the tragedy of beltlessness and end indecent exposure among under privileged youths throughout the world.

With the help of kind hearted sponsors such a yourself, we can continue our good will mission and continue to help under privileged youths for many years to come. Please consider making a small donation to our organizations cause and creating a free profile. You alone CAN make a difference and together we CAN change the world “One Belt At A Time”.

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