Pres. Obama passes new transgender law for public schools. Mandatory Gay Sex Ed.

In a very bizarre twist of presidential signatures, President Barack Obama passed a bill that will attempt to force ALL public schools in the U.S. to include mandatory Transgender Sex Ed class to students. Deciding to NOT offer these classes will result in a loss of federal funds and failure to receive a passing grade in this course as a student could result in a forfeiture of a state recognized high school diploma.

President Obama passes another transgender school law

President Obama passes another transgender school law

Last week President Obama passed a bill demanding all U.S. state public schools must allow students to use whichever restroom they personally feel like using and will penalize ANY school who does not obey by cutting off their funds. As if this law didn’t raise enough eyebrows and controversy, President Obama has gone completely over the edge in an all out assault on the American people by demanding a MANDATORY Transgender LGBT Sex Ed class in ALL public schools stating that “We, the American people need to identify and understand the lifestyles of the far and few to better understand where Cumulative Selection is taking us.” President Obama also stated;

” I want to MAKE SURE that ALL Americans and Non Muslims knew how to go fuck themselves once I am out of office. Plus, I ALWAYS wanted to see two girls DO IT.”


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