Jersey Lotto Commission in trouble for target marketing blacks in an effort called Jersey Mulotto

STATE MULOTTO | New Jersey State Lotto Accused Of Strawberry Picking-Prejudice Target Marketing

New Jersey state lotto accused of rigging tickets and target marketing blacks and other minorities. Conspiracy titled ” State Mulotto ” or #winthemulotto

The New Jersey Board of Ethnic Equality and Racial Privileges say people of ALL ethnic backgrounds other than Caucasians from Europe, Russia, Australia, and Asian people from China or Japan as well as South Americans ALL feel cheated that they were encouraged to buy tickets not knowing that only a very few would win. Claim it is not fair that the odds are not as good for them and that the odds are biased because they are based upon ones economic classification.

“It’s not fair that we should all have to buy tickets with our money even though we all ain’t gonna win. If I have to pay for something, I want to know at least that I’m gonna get something. How come it takes so many of our voices just to see one of us win? I would never have bought a ticket if I didn’t know I was gonna win! That’s not what this country is supposed to be all about.”

Roses are Red, Strawberries are Blue . . .STRAWBERRY!

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue . . .STRAWBERRY!

You can clearly see in the pictures of the typical lotto ticket prints and all of the racial innuendos that are meant to target market blacks and Mexicans. I personally appreciate the efforts of migrant workers who decide to make the commitment to our country and find it a shame that anyone would discriminate against or target market them with chances to win millions of dollars.

The other 75% of the world needs to stand up and take responsibility for their actions. We need to be held responsible for our actions and own up to our faults. This is why I declare all under privileged youths and oppressed African Americans do without electricity, running water, automobiles, and everything attached to them for an entire month.

—— Boycott The Man – Stop Buying Lotto Tickets ——

If the “Man” can take a break from buying lottery tickets for just a month and the ethnics can refrain from using modern technology than maybe enough of us can win to where we don’t HAVE to contribute to our LARGER community called the United States.


Do you think Lotto Tickets should be more sensitive to race?

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