Good Samaritan Gets Beat Up Helping Child. Woman is walking down the street when animals attack her and child.

It is so sad to see that in some third world countries they still have youths that are so under privileged and deprived of food, shelter, clothing and education that they are willing to gang up on civilized people like a pack of weak hyenas for something as simple as a baby stroller and belt. If it wasn’t for the Endangered Species Foundation and the efforts of sponsors whom finance the perpetuation of these poor deprived youths, they would surely become extinct due to their inferior hunting skills.

As this video demonstrates, when these wild youths are left unattended in nature, they are influenced by other wild youths and revert back to a primitive state of mind. Once these poor under privileged youths are excited by the packs pheromones, there’s not much that can control them with the exception of physical force. As you can see in the video below, a human stops to intervene in the savage animal attack of a woman and her child a she pushes her baby in a stroller down the sidewalk. Here is what happens when you try to intervene with animals in the wild using human forms of communication. As you hear, the citizen sounded her horn and it was ineffective at scaring off the wildlife from the scene. It is a shame this poor concerned citizen didn’t use a more relative and direct form of communication with the automobile she was safely in just moments before the incident.

The really sad fact is the poor under privileged youths in this episode of “When Nature Attacks” are between the small ages of 20 ad 24 years old. It is sad to see such young lives wasted knowing that One Belt could have made a difference in whether or not these poor children made the “Leap”

Seeing videos like this remind us here at Black Belts Matter of just how much work there is to be done.






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